The Jolly Power

The following is a video about personal branding from my close friend Runa Magnus who grabbed me at an event recently and asked me to tell her The Secret To My Happiness, which she fondly refers to as The Jolly Power”. Runa says “I asked my fellow founding member at ATL-Europe Ian Young to give his inspirational tips to success, …

Guide To Beating Addiction

Ian is an Addiction Specialist and helps people overcome their addictions and improve their lives. Having successfully beaten addiction and become clean and sober himself, he has the experience, understanding and skills to help others through the same journey now.

Former drug addict Ian Young tells how he’s turned his life around.

By LydiaFallon | Posted: November 09, 2014 Ian speaking to Lydia Fallon – journalist Years of drug and alcohol abuse caused Ian Young’s life to spiral out of control. But now 13 years sober, the 42-year-old has turned his life around, and has been inspired to help others do the same. He tells Lydia Fallon his story. Positive and confident, …

Robin Williams RIP – Depressive Illness kills too.

It was widely known that Robin Williams found recovery from his own addictions (cocaine and booze) after John Belushi’s tragic overdose, but perhaps less known that he had been struggling with relapse for the past 5 years, having checked himself into a facility for alcohol addiction and depression.

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Getting The Right Help To Overcome Drug Or Alcohol Addiction

Drug and alcohol addiction can ruin lives, and affect not only the person with the addiction, but also their family and friends. Knowing someone close to you has a serious problem with drugs can be soul destroying, particularly when you feel helpless, but getting the right help for your family member or friend can help both you and them to …