Addiction RoadShow


The Addiction RoadShow aims to reach family members struggling to understand why someone they care about is unable to get into healthy recovery (Yes, there are many forms of unhealthy recovery).

So we designed a monthly live event aimed at specifically reaching out to family members to educate and inform them around #Addiction, #Recovery and the #Solutions available to them. #ARS

Ever Wondered Why Your Loved One Promises To Stop But Never Seems To Be Able To Follow Through With Their Oath, Despite Their Sincerity?
Are You feeling Trapped In An Endless Cycle Of Justifications, Denial And In Many Cases Blatant or Manipulative Lies?

The Addiction RoadShow will be presenting to you precisely what addiction really is, how someone can stop and stay stopped – permanently, and what you can do about it as their loved one.

The Addiction RoadShow events offer you a full explanation of how to beat addiction in your family permanently, including understanding how addiction works, how to recover from it and how to receive immediate help, even if the addict does not want to stop.

Our seminars are interactive, explaining the real problems faced by many hundreds of thousands of British families, plus actual SOLUTIONS to the ADDICTION in your family, explained by friendly and easy to understand Industry recognised Addiction Recovery Experts leaving you with a clear pathway for you and your family to take towards permanent recovery.

As featured on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire:

Addiction: Why Don’t They Just Stop?
Broken promises, crushed dreams, missed opportunities.

We will explain addictive disease and why addictive behavior is so difficult to change. The whole point of addictions is that if they were easy to beat then no one would ever have them – so why do we get them? What’s gone wrong? Why don’t they just stop?

Recovery: How To Heal And Regain Control?
It is possible to stop and stay stopped? – We know many millions around the world who have beaten their addictions.

We shall explain precisely how to achieve freedom from any and all addictions, using simple to understand terminology and offering explanations that you can implement immediately to bring about change in your own life. We will describe how recovery is achieved; Recovery that goes well beyond simply quitting the addictive substances or behaviour.

Solutions: Where To Find Help?
Can I do this alone or do I need outside help?

The solutions you seek can be implemented immediately in your home and will begin to end the wheel of addiction; although most people will also appreciate the outside help and support that we can connect you to. No one can stop alone, but after this event you’ll see that you’re no longer alone and that the very best form of help is now within your grasp.

Q&A : Your chance to ask Questions to the panel
There will also be the opportunity to speak discretely to a therapist and receive useful directions specific to your personal circumstances at the end of the main event, should you wish to seek personal guidance.

This seminar will be delivered by acknowledged experts from within the UK field of Addiction Treatment:

Hosted by Ian Young of “Sober Services” – helping people attain & maintain recovery through professional services