Guide To Beating Addiction

Ian is an Addiction Specialist and helps people overcome their addictions and improve their lives. Having successfully beaten addiction and become clean and sober himself, he has the experience, understanding and skills to help others through the same journey now.

Robin Williams RIP – Depressive Illness kills too.

It was widely known that Robin Williams found recovery from his own addictions (cocaine and booze) after John Belushi’s tragic overdose, but perhaps less known that he had been struggling with relapse for the past 5 years, having checked himself into a facility for alcohol addiction and depression.


Are today’s youth pushing the boundaries further than we ever did? Following reports that people are tragically losing their lives in the NekNomination craze that is sweeping the internet via Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter, former alcoholic and now ‘Sober Coach’ and Director of Sober Services, Ian Young, provides his views on what this latest fad says about …

10 tips for quitting drinking this Xmas

10 tips for quitting drinking   1) Make changes Change the people, places and pastimes that you’re used to spending time with or at. This is easiest when you socialise with people who don’t drink at all (there are many that exist), or in coffee shops rather than pubs, or take up a sport or hobby that doesn’t revolve around drinking …