Guide To Beating Addiction

“Guide To Beating Addiction with Ian Young at Addiction Interventions UK
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Let me introduce my friend Ian Young.

Ian is an Addiction Specialist and helps people overcome their addictions and improve their lives. Having successfully beaten addiction and become clean and sober himself, he has the experience, understanding and skills to help others through the same journey now.

Having personally had family members suffer from addiction and seeing the effects first hand, I’m committed to helping Ian spread the word and help as many people as possible.

If you know anyone who is dealing addiction, you will know the pain, heart-break and despair that everyone that loves them goes through, along with the suffering addict.

Not only is Ian helping the addict but their entire families and communities in the process as well.
He truly wants to bring about permanent change in the people suffering or struggling with their addictions and for the families who feel trapped, hopeless or lost trying to figure out how to confront the illness.

If you are dealing with an addict, then visit this site and grab yourself Ian’s free new eBook “The Guide to Beating Addiction” that’s written specifically for helping family members living with an alcoholic/addict.
This 38 Page guide is packed with tips and advice. It will give you a plan to follow if you or a loved one is suffering from any addiction.

Get it NOW for FREE and help someone start their path to recovery today.

What you will learn:
– How To Get The Right Help
– The 3 signs of an Alcoholic or an Addict
– The Self-Test
– 6 ways to Influence an Alcoholic / Addict to Accept Help
– 10 Tips for Quitting
– Four Helpful Suggestions When Seeking Addiction Help
– Improving Your Chances of Recovery
– What To Do Next

So, please do visit the site and sign up for your free copy, which will then give you the opportunity to connect with Ian directly for a complimentary consultation if that’s required.

I do hope you’ll help us spread the word and bring about positive change and addiction recovery within the UK.
If you know anyone that is an alcoholic/addict or has a problem and may need help, then kindly share this link with them as well:

Here’s to helping more families heal and contributing towards even more spiritually based recovering alcoholics and addicts.


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