Addiction Interventions UK

ian-young-guide-beating-addictionAddiction Interventions UK is a Website business that was established with a primary function to serve as a resource towards families looking for help for their loved one who may or may not want to cease in their destructive addictive behaviours.

It offers the visitor my second book, given away as a free eBook titled “Guide To Beating Addiction” which is a complete study of what a family member needs to do in order to figure out the best way to help their loved one.

The Solutions it suggests span a wide spectrum which depend upon each individual case, including a very generously priced offer of my updated version of the “Sober Coaching Home Study and DVD set”, which I have been using in all of my one to one cases for the past few years now, right the way through to a full on Professional Family Intervention to secure the alcoholic / addict a place in a Residential Rehab / Detox facility, and much more in-between.

Please do check it out for yourself, if for no other reason than to get a copy of my second book, which makes up the initial structure of my forthcoming full book “It’s Not About You” which I hope to complete at some point.