Business Interventions

Business Interventions is a company owned and operated by Sukhi Wahiwala and myself. It’s principle aim is to enable to you work less and to earn more. Simple.

Due to the increased demand for both of our Business Mentoring skills, we thought that we could leverage both of our time and resources by designing and bringing to you our broad spectrum of bespoke mentoring abilities, effectively delivering them to you in order to absolutely maximise your business potential.

The most important factor of Business Interventions that you need to know is our absolute integrity and total dedication towards assisting you to reach the goal you set yourself – be that company expansion, increased sales, reduced expenditure, business leadership mindset and marketplace dominance, to begin naming a few key points, through our supreme experience and abundant networks.

The beauty of our work is in the delivery. By engaging with you over a period of sessions, topped up with Power Calls and Accountability Emails we take you from where you are right now to where you want to be and beyond in under 18 months!

This is Business Mentoring with a difference – the difference being that not only do we care passionately about all of our clients, but we stake our reputation on your success, so we really do roll our sleeves up and become part of your team.

Furthermore, due to the early success of Business Interventions and the business profiles of both Sukhi Wahiwala and myself, we have developed three different valued mentoring packages designed to fit into all budgets – Gold, Platinum and Diamond.  We believe this truly opens up the game for people serious about growing their business’s. When we consider the potential profit that can be generated through our techniques and strategies, choosing Business Intervention becomes a no-brainer.

We always ensure you come through the mentoring programmes in an elevated position. It all revolves around our ability to offer outstanding service and bring about permanent change for our clients and their business’s.

“The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best.” ~ Epictetus