What is LivingBig?

LivingBig is principally an online and offline resource for Coaches, Mentors, Trainers, Counsellors, Therapists, and other people in the professional of helping people.

Living Big Coaching

It understands that the face of coaching, mentoring etc is represented by those members of the industry who are the best marketers, NOT the best at actually helping people and delivering content or personal growth. Therefore, LivingBig seeks to rebalance that and assist coaches and mentors etc by driving traffic to them on a pay as you go basis i.e. no business, no commission.

Have a browse of and see for yourself. Add your own profile for free and start playing around with the site. You’ll find it content rich and full of articles of interest. If you’re in the profession of helping people and you struggle to win business and gain new clients, then this is a game changer. This sets a level playing field. Now you can start winning new clients and chugging the quality of your very own life, right before your very own eyes!

LivingBig Training goes a step further. As a way of maintaining the standards of the practitioners on the site, we offer in house trainings which allow our members to improve their qualifications and charge more for their services. LivingBig training works both sides of the fence. You can study with us, and then you can train to be a trainer with us and end up delivering the training to the next generation. How’s that for making a difference?

LivingBig Training Academy is our bank of recognised and acknowledged quality Coaches, Mentors, Trainers, etc These are the crew that we use to deliver our own trainings and we help delver their’s too. It’s always a mutually beneficial basis. The members of the LivingBig Training Academy are very proud to be associated with us in such a way, and they would have undergone various stages of consideration before being accepted into the team.

LivingBig Events is one of my personal passions. Here we take people who are making a name for themselves and place them onto the stage, in the spotlight, before hundreds and thousands of people. This is where we can truly make a difference to many more peoples’ lives than ever.

LivingBig Corporate is the solution to those moments when you’re asked to fulfil a contract that requires many more hands than you have at the end of your arms. By pooling our resources together and by enlisting our members, suddenly those impossible contracts are easily attainable.

LivingBig Adventure Club is where we all come alive. LvB Adventure Club is entirely philanthropic. We ask that whatever activity we’re heading off on that those participants do it for a cause greater than themselves, be that charity, or personal family friend in need of something or to raise awareness of something important to the world’s health. Either way, participation is always dependant upon the good you’re going to bring towards other people’s lives, and not just your own.

“Accept no one’s definition of your life. Define yourself” ~ Harvey Fierstein

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