Stage 1 Recovery Coaching

As an Addictionologist (it’s a North American word, that I kinda like), and one of the UK’s foremost drug and alcohol Interventionists, I receive requests all the time to help out someone who simply does not have, and may never have, the same urgency to become alcohol and drug abstinent (through denial, lack of consequences or still starting out on their journey into addiction, for instance a teenager).
I’m highly trained and proficiently able to perform an Intervention, bringing that person to an emotional place where they’re ready and willing to accept the help we’re offering them, but Stage 1 Recovery Coaching has been designed as a pre-curser before this point.

Stage 1 Recovery Coaching is offered by myself as a first step of engagement between myself and the individual. By engaging with them whilst they’re still in active addiction, or even before their addiction becomes too severe or noticeable, the aim is to bring about smaller changes and to prepare them for the larger changes that are inevitably planned to come at a later stage in their development.

>Using various skills and trainings I’ve picked up over the years including NLP (Neuro Linguistic Therapy), MI (Motivational Interviewing), CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), Person Centred Counselling and my 12 Step work, I engage with them privately in a one to one basis, and gain strong rapport at the earliest convenience.

From here I’ll work with the client to bring about whatever achievable goals we may agree upon, with an aim of working towards a greater change over time and potential engagement with a deeper level of addiction recovery (e.g. Rehab or Sober Coaching) as their willingness develops.

Typically I would see them once a week for a 75 – 90 mins session depending upon schedules and package choices, though I have been able to merge this with Sober Companion work too.

It is a good way of engaging someone before they’re ready to really engage, at which point I would most likely point them towards one of the Sober Services features that I offer.

Stage 1 Recovery Coaching works best with young adults and teenagers with a good support network around them, such as family, healthy friends or business partners.

Stage 1 Recovery Coaching is a cost effective way of engaging a client with a ‘pre-intervention addiction awareness programme’, and it opens up the path for future possibilities such as full recovery and a life free from addiction.

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“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”
~ Robert Louis Stevenson

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