Emma Young – Dog Grooming

My wonderful wife and her love for animals just knows no bounds.

So while we we’re in the process of building her a website which would allow her to manage a Dog Lovers Membership site, thus enabling her to further maximise the fun and pleasure of communicating with other canine owners, she went back to college and trained in Dog Grooming.

Needless to say that my Conservatory, previously a place of such summertime tranquility and potential spare bedroom for travelling guests, has now been converted into a full on Dog and Cat Grooming Salon, operating up to 6 days a week with a constant trail of four legged friends trailing through the house having a sniff at me as they pass my office.

Anyhow’s, I figured I’d mention it on my website, since judging by my tolerance and patience it could certainly be considered yet another way that I help other people.

And I do love my Wife and her fabulously attractive ambitions to give every dog in the neighbourhood a short back n sides, cut n blow dry, and occasionally even some highlights.

Emma with Forest & Ella