So if you read my book “It’s Not About Me!” you’ll hear about a colourful and cheerful chap called Steve Bedlam.

Steve has been a constant mate of mine since we were both 19, and as I was preparing to climb Mount Kilimanjaro I put it out to the world about which charity I should raise funds for. Steve pipped in pretty quickly with Fairtunes.

Here’s their Mission Statement:-

FairTunes is a registered charity dedicated to using the power of music to enhance people’s lives in developing nations. We set up training programmes and create recording studios and radio facilities in community centres within deprived areas in developing countries and in the UK.

  • We work with established and grass roots community projects to develop facilities from which to produce music, broadcast radio and run workshops.
  • We facilitate training programs that provide tangible skills for personal development.
  • We teach participants to use these facilities and then provide continuing support for emerging artists and bands.

Our vision is to mobilise local talent and help musicians, artists and other members of the community fulfill their potential. We want to provide the opportunity for individuals to learn new skillsets and enable impoverished communities to develop artistically.

The ultimate aim of FairTunes is to leave the community with the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain the facilities and resources we have established, as well as the skills to pass on to others. In this way we create a self-sustaining cycle that will empower the programme’s participants and a reciprocal network of teaching and learning.

So, they help vulnerable or less fortunate communities with the gift of music. It’s right up my street, and I’m proud to promote and raise funds for them in the future. This closely ties in with LivingBig Adventure Club, who will be returning to Kilimanjaro January / February 2014, and hopefully this time with one of the Fairtunes Directors walking with us.

“Always give without remembering and always receive without forgetting.” ~ Brian Tracy