Ian Young – Interviewed by Shay Allie of Inspire’d

By Ian Young

Jun 05

Watch Ian Young being asked 3 important questions by Shay Allie of Inspire’d, as he opens up about some of his true stories with humour, vulnerability and ultimately complete honesty, before going on to give an overview of how he helps families who live with someone in active addiction but who doesn’t want to stop – Intervention.

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front-only-198x300This is a story that needs to be told. Well, at least I need to tell it. I’m bound by my commitment to return the favour that the Spirit of the Universe deemed appropriate for me to recover, to then pass it on.


About the Author

Ian Young is a man who wears many hats but no masks, who uses his experiences to see how he can benefit others, be that through business or in a personal capacity. He’s always happy to help.