So now that I’m a Published Author…

So now that I’m a Published Author…

There’s something inherent within the psyche of a potential writer that yearns and bellows for recognition and significance. Writers,just like Athletes, who are shot down or lose a challenge, tend to come roaring back with a vengeance like no other vocation out there, and a writer is constantly on a quest to prove him or herself worthy in many respects. I guess it is primarily for this reason that I’m already planning the 2nd edition of my book “It’s Not About Me!”

So what is the ultimate recognition for a writer?
Well, for an amateur writer just starting out (as I was), it’s simply about achieving the simple milestone of becoming a published writer — a legitimate and recognized author, in an ever evolving career.

The benefits of becoming a published author are vast and varied, and, best of all they work to help a writer become further established along their particular industry path.

Here are some of the advantages published authors look forward to, from a commercial point of view:

Top 5 Benefits Experienced by Published Authors

1: A Boost in Public Credibility

If you were attempting to sell people on the idea of purchasing your newest eBook or ‘how-to’ guide, what is the selling point? What’s the thing about you that screams “Trust me!”? For published authors, this credibility is ever present. If someone has published work they immediately stand out as trustworthy and an expert in their particular niche.

2: Increased Level of Respect

Writers crave respect; they demand it. But, to be honest, respect is something that’s hard to come by when so many writers can so easily flood the Internet with their musings. Being a published author is something that reaches out and takes that respect they crave. That’s not to say that a published author instantly becomes the most-respected of his or her sort; but it is apparent that published writers receive a lot more respect.

3: Fans and Followers

Anybody these days with a Facebook account can amass hordes of fans by posting things like the ‘funniest cat videos ever’ (as a for instance), but the quality of the fans you can pick up from the act of being published is something that cannot be given a value arbitrarily. Your work, once published, can potentially touch and change people’s lives and thus create followers for life. This is a benefit that cannot rightly be quantified; it’s just evident that being a published author gives you more loyal fans of a higher quality.

4: More Clientele

Whether trying to sell a new work of dark fiction, a personal guide to weight-loss, or in my case, my autobiography and tales of healthy recovery from my addiction(s), you have to compete in the marketplace. If you want to land a contract with a potential client, or even just use the book as a way in to gain someone’s trust, actually being published opens these particular doors. In this context, think of being published like having a doctorate while everyone else has a hand full of O’ Levels or GSCEs (the exams we take in the UK around the age of 16).

5: Bragging Rights

Now, this benefit isn’t quite as conceited as it sounds. You shouldn’t run around boasting about being published. However, being a published author does give you opportunity to drop this fact in your marketing. It’s credibility and respect blended together in order to give you a leg-up on the competition, or to win the confidence of a potential new client – which, let’s face it, is a very useful tool indeed.

As you can see, being a published author helps to pave the way for the rest of your career. Whether it’s through quality fans and followers or the increased level of respect, actually being published means that more people are going to take you seriously. Becoming published is an obtainable goal that you should be pushing for as a professional person in this day and age.

Now that I’ve written this article, I feel that I should back up a moment and quantify my genuine reasons for writing my own book, since this article mostly covers the commercial value of being a published author.
My reality is that I wrote my book simply because a) I could and b) I felt that I should!
It’s a story that needs to be told and it carries a message of depth and weight for anyone or any family troubled by addiction.

And so I hope to reach many more people and continue to rebalance my karma appropriately, and for that I am continuously grateful.

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  1. Avatar

    I am published. However, having said that, I am an unpaid author. My ‘book’ was accepted, self edited, printed and distributed by an unscrupulous publisher and no royalties were ever paid. The 10 year contract has expired and the publisher has basically become defunct, so I’m curious if I can do a re-write and increase the size and publish the story with a different, hopefully notable, publisher?
    I realize I’m just venting and I do not expect an answer but I felt it was something I needed to ask.
    I appreciate the opportunity to express my feelings to someone else.
    Thank you,

    1. Ian Young Post

      I was published with the same Publisher for many years and perfectly happy. But there came a time when we’d outgrown each other – or at least, the business relationship wasn’t working for either of us any more and so I’ve gone solo.
      Since then I’ve failed to finish writing the 2nd edition of my book, although I do intend to.
      Once I’ve achieved that I’ll be self publishing, since my book was never about book sales, but rather about getting my message out.
      Please contact me with more questions if you have any. Happy to help.

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