Stop Smoking – There’s still time! Join Stoptober now!


Want to stop smoking and need help? With five and a bit days to go, Stoptober is nearly over. But wait, wait, wait! That doesn’t mean you can’t start today.

Thousands of people are in the throes of becoming smoke-free, with more joining the revolt against fags every day. This is your chance – your ideal time to kick the cigarettes for good and stop smoking. With so much support and the knowledge that you really can kick the habit, there’s never been a better time to stop.

Stop Smoking

I’ve been doing my bit for Stoptober, helping people stay focused and hit the 28-day target. My guest blog on from earlier on this month gives the facts about being addicted to smoking. Click here to read more:


For those who haven’t yet started Stoptober, think about what your incentive could be. Besides how much better, richer and fulfilled your life will be, think also about how you can help others in the process. Why not be sponsored for giving up? It might be the extra push you need to stub out your last cigarette and stop smoking for good! Choose a charity you care about, make a JustGiving page and ask your friends and family to support you by donating.

Stop Smoking with Stoptober

For those who have already started, congratulations! Just don’t give up giving up. The facts show that those first 28 days are crucial – once you’ve gone that long without a cigarette, you’re five times more likely to  stop smoking. So what if you’re getting a bit twitchy? What can you do?

My top tips to stop smoking & beating those niggly cravings…

  • First, eat regularly, just remember that eating healthy snacks such as carrot and cucumber sticks or sucking on sugar-free lollies will make sure you’re not putting on weight while you’re at it.
  • Also suck on ice cubes or use a sports bottle for your water – regularly taking sips from a bottle mimics the cigarette-to-lips action.
  • It’s been scientifically proven that smoking depletes vitamin C levels – by eating foods rich in vitamin C or by taking daily supplements, it can help you avoid coming down with an illness when you stop.
  • Money is one of the biggest motivators for many people. For those who are smoking 20 a day, that would be a saving of £215 in 28 days of not smoking.
  • Use a glass jar or clear money box as a reminder of what you have achieved – filling it with the money you save will inspire you to stick with it when you realise you have a stash of cash to splurge on a treat.
  • Putting money in the box each day works as an anchor to remind you that you’re a non-smoker. It’s a way of helping you to remember that you’re not sacrificing anything, but yet are gaining so much.
  • Make sure your thoughts and conversations are positive with regards to giving up.
  • Remember that you have stopped smoking, not given up or quit, when you talk or think about your journey. Stopping means you no longer do it, whereas giving up or quitting implies losing something or sacrifice. You’ll find empowerment from telling yourself and others that you are gaining so much from stopping smoking – health, wealth and a longer life.
  • Make a personal goal for yourself. Concentrate on what will be ten times better once you stop smoking, just don’t make it money. Maybe you’ll be able to complete the marathon you’ve always wanted to because you’ll be so much fitter. A personal goal will really help you in moments of weakness – how can you not succeed when you’re focusing on your positive outcome?

Finally, think positive. If you have a positive attitude, you are more likely to succeed and it really helps. If you’d like any additional support and my help to stop smoking, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch today… enjoy Stoptober!

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