The Platinum Programme

The “Platinum Programme” is a bespoke service designed precisely for those clients within the entertainment. sporting and fashion industry, who may be experiencing well-being issues that could prevent them from fulfilling contractual obligations. Our role is to facilitate them through whatever challenges they’re experiencing, in order to maximise their performance within their chosen professions.

We specialise in working alongside challenges that have arisen such as alcohol, drugs, gambling, depression, stress, food and lifestyle issues; anything that results in behavioural health concerns and as a consequence reflects in the declining performance and subsequent damage to both the artist / athlete and the brand.

Composed specifically for those who operate within the public’s eyesight, the Platinum Programme is designed to meet the client wherever they are most comfortable and still deliver them as a properly prepared, consistent and genuinely satisfied professional, whilst also respecting the sincere need to keep their challenges absolutely out of sight and to be dealt with in complete confidence.

Coming from a music and sports industry management background, we understand the needs of both performance and obligation, and how that delicate balance needs to be managed.

The Platinum Programme operates around three core values – client centric wellbeing, absolute discretion, and tangible results. We believe that great performance lies in well-being and commitment, and by engaging in our one-on-one service, in complete confidence, we achieve sincere and calculated results, leaving all parties safe and secure going forwards.

Our individual psychometric testing and evaluation helps us to ensure that each particular Platinum Programme is designed specifically for our client’s precise well being and is targeted to deliver positive and definite outcomes for all involved, whilst holistically and responsibly delivering the client for their next assignment.

We’ve taken three of the outstanding features of our partner organisation “Sober Services” – our Alcohol and Narcotic Interventions, our Sober Body-Guiding, and our Home Rehab / Detox and packaged them together in such a way that we’re able to create any Platinum Programme” precisely designed around your client. There is no off the rack” solution to these often complex scenarios, and so we pride ourselves on producing the right level of interaction to obtain the agreed result.

These are bespoke interventions and solutions based around the requirements of these fast paced sectors – the professional sports industry, the music business, the TV and Movie world and the modelling industry.

We design all of our bespoke Interventions around the client’s needs, and offer an exclusive, luxury and discrete service to help shift the concern.

We work with the patterns of not only the destructive behaviour, but also any other highlighted concerns, whether real or not, and the thinking that accompanies it.

We work intensively and professionally, and we generally only accept referrals from personal recommendations, after a telephone or in person assessment with the managing body, before meeting the client.

We are able to respond rapidly and to assist anywhere geographically around the world.

It all revolves around our ability to offer outstanding one on one private service and bring about genuine change for our clients, and peace of mind for all those associated with them.

“We’re happy to help and when we help, you’re happy!”