How I can serve you?


Hi and welcome.

I like to keep myself busy and I’m frequently being offered new opportunities and being asked to consult on various projects both within the Addiction Treatment world and beyond, in the larger Business sector – generally Start-Ups or helping to grow small businesses.

Because of how fast I react and how many people contact me for my experience, the ways that I can serve you are tricky to keep updated. So, I’ve collated the more general and steady businesses I own or am involved in.

SOBER SERVICES – “Helping people attain & maintain Addiction Recovery through Professional Services” since 2008. I am an experienced and successful Interventionist, having created my own model using Tough Love through the Family to reach the person in denial of their crisis – the Sober Intervention. I was one of the first generation of Interventionist to train and begin operating outside of North America. Today I have performed Interventions across many parts of the world. 
I was also one of the very first Sober Companions outside of North America, and have been involved in cases around the world. 

THE PARC “Phuket Addiction Recovery Clinic” – “Restore your Health and Revive your Life”. Rehabilitation for Addictions. I’m so very impressed by our Residential Rehab, which unbelievably has remained in operation and open to serve clients (International and Thai) throughout the Global Pandemic, even though Thailand’s borders were closed. I am proud of the Program we’ve created and the many success stories we’ve had from our graduates. 

SOBER ACADEMY – “Ethical and Comprehensive Education” The 1st non-North American Certifiable Interventions and Recovery Coaching Trainings. Our Trainings have launched the careers of many new Practitioners in the field, some of whom work for Sober Services now. 

All of these seem to fit in perfectly with my life and I never seem to get too stressed or overwhelmed by them. Everything kind of just balances perfectly.

What I’m known best for is my work with addictions, specifically through Sober Services which I’ve been running and setting new standards within the European Treatment Industry since 2008.

I should also point out that as a result of my Training company Sober Academy, I realised that membership groups for Interventionists and Sober Companions were difficult to join as a non North American, and so I gathered together people from across Europe (pre-Brexit) and helped create EARS – the European Association of Recovery Specialists. This is an organisation that serves Interventionists, Recovery Coaches, Sober Companions and other Recovery Specialists throughout Europe, providing us with the mechanisms to network and support each other’s cases, as well as giving us insurance to operate and sharing best practice.

During the global COVID-19 pandemic, I moved to Shiralea Resort in Koh Phangan, where I’ve been helping with Bungalow rentals and promoting parties and events at the resort. It’s been lovely being involved in the hospitality sector and learning new skills. Its been a welcome addition to my other work and has kept me busy and active with the Koh Phangan community.