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Having been living in Thailand since the end of 2017, it seemed only appropriate that I do what I do best and open a new facility to serve people with addictive disease and associated disorders, but in the paradise of the tropical Island that is Phuket.

The PARC – Phuket Addiction Recovery Clinic is fully registered and credentialed to deliver a residential program that’s sought after from clients around the world. We are an English speaking (Internationally facing) facility, with staff who also speak French, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish and of course Thai.

We believe The PARC offers absolutely everything you could wish for in a professionally run, premier class clinic; from a well-considered and engaging therapeutic schedule, through to a wonderful environment in beautiful surroundings.


Expert and Specialist Team

All of our team have been chosen specifically for their skillset and their demeanour. We mention this because the personality of the individuals who work with our residents needs to be charismatic and respectful, as well as credible and knowledgeable. All of our Senior team are in personal permanent recovery themselves and they will be using their own experience as well as their professionalism to bring about healthy and sustainable change in you, and therefore it’s important to us that you have positive rapport with them. Otherwise, it’s not going to be much fun, and to us having fun in recovery is as important as recovery itself. After all, no one wants to get into recovery to then be sad and lonely.

Because of the prominence of our Founding Directors, we’ve been able to attract a world class team to serve you at The PARC. This multi-national and multi-disciplinary team are innovative specialists who are absolutely dedicated to your permanent recovery.


Medical Care and Detox

On arrival, clients undergo a thorough medical assessment by our Doctor who specialises in addiction and detox. If a detox is required, our doctor will draw up a detox plan and we will provide all the medication to minimise discomfort and help your body transition through the withdrawal process. We assure you that residents’ safety and comfort are our two priorities here. As required, we will bring in 24-hour nursing to support this transformation. We also have a Consulting Psychiatrist available if required.


Treatment Methods

Our treatment model is built on a foundation of the Minnesota Model of 12 Step Treatment (non-religious), which leans on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). We supplement this with other therapeutic practices including Motivational Interviewing (MI), Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT); TRE (Tension & Trauma Release Exercises) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

Principally our therapy is delivered in two formats – 1) One to One with our qualified Therapists 2) Group Therapy using your peers to confront, expose and remind us of where you’ve come from and to move you faster towards where you need to go i.e. Recovery. Group Therapy is always led by our Qualified Therapists.

Holistic Therapies and Mindfulness are also core components of the treatment model and are very useful in the process of developing permanent recovery, as well as assisting in diminishing and eliminating obsessional thoughts. Simply put, we believe in wellness.


Our Kitchen Team is led by our Chef who considers with great care the residents’ daily and weekly meals. We believe in the regenerative power of what we eat, and we minimalize all processed foods, preferring to use fresh ingredients and avoiding ingredients that are dependant upon preservatives and additives. We serve both Thai and Western menus to offer our residents a broad spectrum of healthy and nutritious meals. A second Kitchen is available for tea & coffee, smoothies & shakes, and for residents’ personal snacks.


Our weekly excursions make the most of our gorgeous location and proximity to numerous world class stunning beaches, gorgeous waterfalls, exciting national parks and day-out activities. Saturdays is our excursion day and includes Elephant Refuges, Go-Karting, Wake Boarding, Zip Lining, Museums and places of cultural interest, beautiful Buddhist Temples, Thai cooking classes, and many more to choose from.

Gorgeous Location

Nestled on the side of Phuket’s central jungle hill range, overlooking the Kathu lakes and surrounded by giant trees with lush vegetation all around us, our spacious and well considered facility is truly a beautiful, comfortable and safe space to recover.

It is completely private situated at the end of a small road. We take your confidentiality very seriously. We are 15 minutes away from the beautiful beaches of Phuket, and away from the Tourists’ “hot spots”.

Our maximum capacity is 8 residents at a time as we believe in a person-centred approach and the power of the smaller, closed community groups. It gives for a family feeling, rather than a hospital. We’ve found this model works best for overcoming behavioural challenges, such as addiction.



The PARC is committed to your permanent recovery. We will work with you throughout your stay with us to develop an aftercare program befitting your needs that maximises your opportunity spent with us. We want this to be your only or final Residential Rehab ever. We don’t appreciate the “Revolving Door” policy that many centres use and expect for their revenue.



  • Free initial telephone consultations and assessments, engaging with you and other members of your family or concerned friends, to help overcome objections and challenges to commitment to recovery.
  • Travel planning, helping you book flights, arranging the visa, what to pack etc.
  • Airport pick up from Phuket International Airport (HRT) by an English-speaking member of our team with your privacy and anonymity in mind.
  • Medical check-up on arrival and ongoing care from our doctor.
  • Detox plan and medication (as required).
  • A spacious room (either single or double occupancy depending upon your price package) with attached bathroom, smart TV (Netflix compatible) and air-conditioning.

  • Full housekeeping and Daily Maid service, laundry and ironing. Your room will always be cleaned and tidied.
  • All Therapeutic groups and 1-to-1 counselling sessions.
  • Ongoing support from the Therapy team in the form of Aftercare, for 6 months.
  • Full board and lodging, including prepared dining and off-site dining. Excludes personal snacks.
  • Daily exercise with our Personal Trainer (Monday to Friday), Yoga and Wellness exercises daily, and access to our private swimming pool.
  • Thai massage therapy.
  • Weekly excursions to explore and enjoy the beauty of Thailand and to experience the thrills of Phuket and the surrounding Andaman Sea, with its gorgeous beaches.

Affordable Costs

The PARC offers a unique, intensive and innovative program unlike anything else available in Asia or around the world. Furthermore, because of our passion to serve our residents and help them achieve the same joys of Recovery that we’ve found personally for ourselves, we’ve priced ourselves as low as we can to deliver on all of our promises, meaning that our fees offer exceptional value for money, and when compared like for like anywhere else in the world, offers you considerable savings (e.g. same services in the UK would be 3 times as much and in the USA 5 times as much).

The cost of our 28-day treatment program including everything listed above is (always in USD$):

Twin room with 2 x single beds, en-suite
$9,000 for 28 days / $17,000 for 56 days / $24,000 for the 12 week Signature Program
Deluxe room with King Sized bed, en-suite, refreshing views of the lush jungle hillside, private balcony
$14,000 for 28 days / $26,000 for 56 days / $36,000 for the 12 week Signature Program
Extra Deluxe room with 4 poster King Sized bed, en-suite with giant bathroom, bathtub & walk in Shower, superb views over the region, private balcony
$16,000 for 28 days / $30,000 for 56 days / $42,000 for the 12 week Signature Program.

Please note, most residents come for 56 days. This is our most popular length of program, though often residents extend for the full 12 weeks. We will not admit anyone for less than 28 days, in order to sustain the integrity of the group and also because we know that statistically the chances of success are very small at this short level of commitment.

You simply won’t find comparable quality treatment at this cost anywhere else in the world. Please do take a look at our website, as it offers plenty more information with pictures of the location and accommodation.

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Restore your Health & Revive your Life.