YES Group London

Effective from June 2013 until May 2015 I was the Chair of the London branch of the UK’s leading Personal Development community – the YES Group London

I was delighted to have been appointed to this position of leadership and I’ve built a team up around me to support the events so that we can bring you the very best events to assist you to grow personally and professionally. I fondly refer to the Crew of Leaders volunteering their time as The “A” Team, because they’re all such hard working and accomplished individuals in their own right, with a massive sphere of influence.

Honoured as I am to be a voluntary Director of the YES Group London, it simply wouldn’t serve any purpose if no one came to our events which are held on the last Wednesday of each month (except in Decembers when we have our annual day of contribution in the form of Basket Brigade) at the Regents Park Holiday Inn.

Fancy coming along for the first time to see what all the fuss is about? visit

Hope to see you very soon. Ian