Ian does have a ‘special’ if somewhat ‘mad’ story to tell. I believe he is right with his hope that he will inspire others to
‘get clean’ as well as give support to people who may care for an addicted loved one. His style is easy and unpretentious, as if he is chatting to you in a room.
He gives enormous insight into his mind and why drugs and alcohol became such an important part of his life-many will identify with his thought processes.
For all the extensive descriptions about the ‘colourful’, ‘crazy’ and ‘chaotic’ episodes during his addictive years, I found the sections on ‘realization’ and ‘recovery’ the most interesting and compelling.
He knew when the ‘game was finally over’ and he had to choose between life and death. But the recognition, recovery and reformation took enormous courage, struggle and time – the heart of the inspiration in the book.
Knowing that there are strategies, help and guidance available, will give strength to others determined
to follow a similar positive route to Ian.
A book well worth reading.