"Congratulations on overcoming your addiction and finding a way to help others . Respect is due. I'm inspired by your determination and proud to know you." ~ Ammana Shaka

Ammana Shaka

I first met Ian Young nearly nine years ago when I came to a treatment centre, which he ran. Ian did my assessment over the phone and suggested that I should come to him for treatment. Having successfully graduated, he then helped me a great deal until one day he suggested one day that I become more involved in service work – “helping others”, being charitable with my time. I knew nothing about being of service and his words were, “You will meet a lot more like minded people and your recovery will take off”. And that has been my experience…it’s like I have a mission in life now. I have done a lot of different service commitments in the UK and it has helped my recovery. I will always be grateful to Ian Young for helping me on my journey.

Barrington K

Grateful CA member

I have just finished reading your book - really brilliant. Had it since Christmas but only started it this weekend. One of those books that once you start you don't want to put down until the end - only stopped overnight when my eyes could stay open no longer. It was amazing to learn so much of your colourful history and recovery journey - a truly inspiring truth - thank you for sharing it all. My surrender began in TTP, Luton [one of the Treatment Centres Ian built] 3 years ago and I know this stuff really works. I am very passionate about my 12 step recovery and hearing others' stories ignites it more . I am truly grateful to have had the experience of reading this book in full - wishing you much more love and peace and happy times. Karen Curr April 2015

Karen Curr

I am lucky to have Ian as my business coach. He always asks me the right questions and makes me think about whether I am on the right track. Also he keeps coming up with great ideas and suggestions that really help me on. He makes me write a summary of each session, including my follow up actions. That put an end to procrastination pretty drastically! Thanks ever so much Ian!

Wilma Alleman

Amsterdam, Holland.

I remember sitting in a room in prison one day, lost, alone and beaten, on the phone talking to Ian. He gave me something during that 10-minute call that had been taken from me over years… he gave me the gift of hope... gratitude. Ian was also one of the first people I met when I came into rehab for my severe drug addiction (which is why I was in prison in the first place) and he never judged me, something I was not used to.... faith. From that point on he has always been a silent companion on this journey, who I know would come through for me should I need direction or support. In Ian just being himself I was able to find inspiration to just be me... courage. Thank you Ian, for being a key component in my recovery, which has now saved my life... unity. God bless you Ian Young -

Kevin Jaffries

All the books I've read before that mentioned addiction have been about famous rock stars in bands - people who somehow seem one step removed from real life. Most of them were dead so it wasn't a first-hand account either. Ian's was the first one I read by and about a real person - a son, a partner, a "regular" guy. (It turned out he was anything but "regular!") It was staggering the level of risk taking he took - the large-scale drug trafficking - and the depths he sank to. The continual let downs his addiction caused for anyone he met along the way must have been hard to bear for those closest to him. Carrying on with the druggie lifestyle, despite his obviously declining health showed just how distorted life can become when drink and drugs take over. Quite how he broke out of that mess is nothing short of a miracle. If you want to find out more about how addiction affects "normal" people and the damage it causes to the person and those around them, rather than "glamourised backstage rock band antics", you'll find this book helpful.

Colette Mason

In his book, Ian shared with us his life, with something new to learn in each page ! It is also an easy book to read, which you can't stop reading until the last pages ! Thank you Ian for sharing this with us ! (edited for grammatical purposes from French)

Stéphane Le Boeuf

Ian Young’s story is significant and important. He should be congratulated on his honesty - it must a difficult decision and a calculated gamble in the name of re-balancing karma (or redemption depending on your religious views) to be so open about what is a blatant waste of a young life and the knock-on effect of such appalling behaviours upon others. So many books in this genre rely on shock tactics and I have to admit (having had a similar lifestyle) that the first part of the book made me feel physically sick and reminding me of the damage that can be caused. I was so glad to read the second part of the book. Uplifting and energizing, Ian’s progress means that we can have hope in our lives - hope of improved health, karma, redemption, and the ability to reach others. If I had a family member who was using substances this book would put things into perspective -one of those perspectives may be "thank god my son/daughter isn’t as bad as that", if I was using myself I would understand that there ARE people out there who care and there is HOPE. Well-done Ian Young.

Steve G

It's a game changer - a sizzling read that stands out in it's genre of addiction stories - because half is about how it was, then the other half is about what happened and how it is now! It has madness, moments of desperate clarity and then hope in abundance. Read it !

Paul Atherton

This is a great book and tells the truth of someone who walked the walk and talked the talk. Could not put this down. Inspiring for all. George Powell  

George Powell