Bought it, read it. Amazing! Thank you for sharing. I could relate to so much of your story. Inspiring, honest and a huge amount of courage to write it.

Richard George

I am lucky to have Ian as my business coach. He always asks me the right questions and makes me think about whether I am on the right track. Also he keeps coming up with great ideas and suggestions that really help me on. He makes me write a summary of each session, including my follow up actions. That put an end to procrastination pretty drastically! Thanks ever so much Ian!

Wilma Alleman

Amsterdam, Holland.

In his book, Ian shared with us his life, with something new to learn in each page ! It is also an easy book to read, which you can't stop reading until the last pages ! Thank you Ian for sharing this with us ! (edited for grammatical purposes from French)

Stéphane Le Boeuf

Ian does have a 'special' if somewhat 'mad' story to tell. I believe he is right with his hope that he will inspire others to 'get clean' as well as give support to people who may care for an addicted loved one. His style is easy and unpretentious, as if he is chatting to you in a room. He gives enormous insight into his mind and why drugs and alcohol became such an important part of his life-many will identify with his thought processes. For all the extensive descriptions about the 'colourful', 'crazy' and 'chaotic' episodes during his addictive years, I found the sections on 'realization' and 'recovery' the most interesting and compelling. He knew when the 'game was finally over' and he had to choose between life and death. But the recognition, recovery and reformation took enormous courage,struggle and time - the heart of the inspiration in the book. Knowing that there are strategies, help and guidance available, will give strength to others determined to follow a similar positive route to Ian. A book well worth reading.


The book is one of the first on the subject of addiction that I have read that is not just either a list of events that are there to shock or a handbook on how to get over or understand addiction. Ian's honesty and openness mean that the story and journey can relate to all affected by addiction, the addict, their family, friends and community. The story will bring hope to many affected by addictive behaviour and hopefully help family and friends believe that one day they will get the person they care about back - stronger and someone to be proud of.

Sonia D.

Very interesting book. Talks about addiction and how to recover. A must read for all adults, if you nave an addiction or know someone who is using. There is hope.


This is a great book and tells the truth of someone who walked the walk and talked the talk. Could not put this down. Inspiring for all. George Powell  

George Powell

Thank you Ian for being honest, open and brave to write this book! It's a miracle you went through what you went through alive and with such compassion and passion to help others! Never give up! You're right it's not about you it's about all of us addicts or not! But this book is certainly about you and it is GREAT!! Anon  


This book is all about Ian Young's fall from grace. It's about his drug and alcohol use and his trip from having a great life to a life full of demons. It reads like a novel at first but it's so much more. It's how a person can get into the life of addiction and lose everything. It is also about his rise again to a full beautiful life without drugs or alcohol with the help of a 12 step program. He tells his story with compassion. He also points out to the reader how you can recover. I loved this book and am recommending it to my freinds and familys in recovery.


So many great stories within one book... but ultimately a sobering read about addiction and what a long lasting recovery looks like. The author is honest and down-to-earth, sharing his own personal story without the self-help rhetoric, painting a vivid picture of the insanity of active addiction. Recommended. ~ Charisse Cooke

Charisse Cooke