How I can serve you?

Hi and welcome.

I like to keep myself busy and I’m frequently being offered new opportunities and being asked to consult on various projects both within the Addiction Treatment world and also the larger Business sector – generally Start-Ups or growing small businesses.

Because of how fast I react and how many people contact me for my experience, the ways that I can serve you are tricky to keep updated. So, I’ve collated the more general and steady businesses I own or am involved in.

SOBER SERVICES – “Helping people attain & maintain Addiction Recovery through Professional Services”

ADDICTION ROADSHOW<- “Discover how to beat Addictions permanently and get actionable Solutions for Recovery in 1 day”

STAGE1 RECOVERY COACHING– “Guiding Young Adults into Healthy and Happy Behavioural Health”

I.A.Y. COACHING & MENTORING– “Stood besides you to help you reach your goals and fulfil your potential”

LIVINGBIG– “The On & Offline Resource for Connecting Coaches, Trainers, Mentors and Speakers up with a wider audience and with each other”

SALES-MASTER – “The Inner Game of Sales, Marketing and Communcations ~ puts more Pleasure and Profit in your Pocket.”

All of these seem to fit in perfectly with my life and I never seem to get too stressed or overwhelmed by them. Everything just balances perfectly.

If you’d like to know how you can manage your time in such a way then I suggest you chat to me about joining my I.A.Y. Coaching programme and seeing how I can best help you.

Expanding on my personal Coaching and Mentoring abilities, through LivingBig we enable other healers of people to reach more people. As a supreme connector in my own right, this enables me to leverage my own networking skills for the benefit of others.

Then, what I’m known best for is my work with addictions, specifically through Sober Services which I’ve been running and setting new standards within the European Treatment Industry since 2008

The AddictionRoadShow is where my focus currently is, as we attempt to bring our message to families struggling with an addict or alcoholic to 11 towns and cities in 2015.

And finally, due to my success of working with families with troubled drinking and drugging young adults (aged 18 – 28) asking me to engage with them before they’re ready for rehab or treatment, I’ve developed my very own model of engagement that I call   Stage 1 Recovery Coaching

Feel free to contact me on any of them.

I’m happy to help.



“If you love what you’re doing & you always put the customer first, success will be yours.” ~ Ray Kroc