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This website was originally produced to promote my book “It’s Not About Me! ~ Confessions of a Recovered Outlaw Addict, from Living Hell to LivingBig”, but it soon became obvious to me that I should use it as a portal into all of the different projects and business’s I’m associated with.... ...And so it has been a labour of love as it's evolved into whatever you're looking at today. Please note, this is a website under constant construction and feedback is appreciated. 


….I guess the best way to get an executive summery of who I am and what I do is by understanding my own personal mission – “to co-create a green and harmonious world, through laughter and love, bringing a better quality of life to others”. A bit of a mouthful, maybe, but it does say what it needs to say.

This site showcases what I do and how you can get access my help or get involved in some of my causes. Don’t be shy and don’t spend too much time wondering why. Just know that if it feels right, it’s worth having a go at it.

So, have a read through the site’s pages and see if there’s anything of interest to you.

Consider this site an opportunity for you to contact me and discuss ideas of your own. If you’d like to go into any details about any of the things I’m involved in, then email me ian@ian-young.com I’m happy to help.

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front-only-198x300This is a story that needs to be told. Well, at least I need to tell it. I’m bound by my commitment to return the favour that the Spirit of the Universe deemed appropriate for me to recover, to then pass it on.

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