Ian Young, Addiction Consultant on Koh Phangan, Thailand & around the World.

Are you, or is someone you care for, suffering or struggling with their alcohol or drug consumption? Maybe caught up in obsessional behaviours or dependency upon someone or something? Maybe it’s untreated addiction, or maybe the beginning of a journey you’d like to avoid?


When would now be a good time to access some support here on Koh Phangan?

An introduction to who I am:

I moved to Koh Phangan at the beginning of October 2020 (after spending over a year including “lockdown” in Phuket, and previously 2 years in Chiang Mai) with an idea about building and serving the Sober / Recovery community here. I quickly became immersed in the dynamic scene and culture of the Island, making friends rapidly. What I realised was that Koh Phangan was far more than simply a beautiful paradise island with monthly full-moon parties (on hold since the COVID-19 pandemic began); I saw the beauty of the people and the culture that was being created here and I wanted to join.

Having found personal permanent recovery in 2001, aged 29, after 13 years of severe hedonism involving intravenous drug use (cocaine & heroin), chronic alcoholism, serious amounts of psychedelic / hallucinogenic consumption, homelessness and vagrancy (I have always been a traveller, with the spirit of adventure in my blood), I dedicated my life’s mission to serving others inflicted with the same illness as me – addictive disease. READ MY FULL BIOGRAGHY HERE

Ian Young’s services are:


1) Assessment

2) Intervention

3) Referral

4) Case Management

5) Recovery

6) Rehab

As news of my professional experience in the field of addiction (I’ve personally built 4 Residential Rehabs, launched my own Private Practice and developed the first non North American Training company in my field) spread on the island, I began seeing friends and receiving referrals from others who were struggling with their own challenges around alcohol, drugs, love, sex, gambling and other process addictions and obsessions.
So, I decided to see how I could best serve the Koh Phangan community by establishing a small Private Practice, offering many of my approaches towards helping those in need on the Island, and hopefully at affordable rates. This would be a more hands on, localised Addiction Consultancy service than my which has been in operation around the world since 2008, but feature much of the same offerings.



The Assessment is the first stage of any consultancy and treatment process. It usually lasts between 45 minutes to an hour.
We meet in a relaxed, safe and private space and discuss your current situation, usually someone private residence.
This is not formal and this is “completely off the record”. No written notes are taken, and everything discussed is respected as private and confidential.
At the end of the assessment, I may make some immediate suggestions, or I may ask for some time to reflect before making recommendations, usually within a few hours.



In many cases, I may consider alternative Therapists & Counsellors either on the Island or within Thailand, who may be better suited to work with you for various reasons, not least gender, sexuality, culture, experience or simply rapport. In most cases I will endeavour to refer you to other reputable practitioners on KPG, though in some instances something else may be needed. Budget will likely be a factor in this too.




When a family member or loved one cannot see the damage, they’re causing themselves, the people around them try various coping strategies to help them choose to stop, or at least to minimise the damage they may be causing themselves or others. If these strategies aren’t having any impact on their debilitating behaviours, we need to organise a formal and professionally led Intervention.
People who need an Intervention usually require a full residential rehab experience afterwards. We can arrange all of these components and help your loved one find solid recovery. Interventions work with proper planning and robust treatment programs, though they are time intensive and can be expensive.

read more: Sober Intervention


Case Management:

Assuming you wish to continue your journey towards recovery, I can remain fully involved in your treatment program by case managing the components, including liaising with other professionals involved, particularly if I’ve referred you to them.

I will remain in contact with all parties involved, including family and friends, and offer guidance towards the best therapeutic directions, alongside supporting the recovery process with one to one updates to and from yourself.



For those of you who want to work specifically with me, in either a Recovery Coaching or Sober Companion capacity, then we will create a bespoke Care plan to fit into your specific requirements. This could be sessional work, typically using Ian Young’s own Sober Coaching Workbook, or it could be intense Sober Companion work which involves a much more hands-on approach towards enforcing abstinence and achieving long term recovery.
Read More: Sober Companion



Two types of Residential Rehab available.
1) Referral into a Rehab based in Thailand, often in Phuket (though others around the world may be suggested if appropriate).
Phuket Addiction Recovery Clinic

2) Creating a bespoke “Rehab at Home” model on Koh Phangan, designed for the maximum efficiency of your personal recovery chances and opportunities. 


Koh Phangan Addiction Consultant Testimonials

Harriet H.

“Ian’s experience and insight provided us with expert guidance in an extremely difficult time.
He was professional and calm throughout, providing solid recommendations on mental health, addiction, and the relevant care needed.
I honestly don’t know how we would have coped without Ian’s leadership, knowledge and support.
I will be forever grateful to Ian for taking the time to help us when we needed it the most. I dread to think what would have happened without Ian onboard.
I highly recommend working with Ian!”
~ Harriet H.


“A close friend of mine in KPG was experiencing a very intense acid induced psychosis and I was referred to Ian by a friend on the island.
He was extremely helpful all the way – from scheduled meet-ups, discussing the next steps forward to checking in on my friend on the daily.
He remained neutral and kept his decisions or words based on the situation at hand.
We were very lucky to have Ian on board let alone be on the island itself to help us manage, support and discuss next steps regarding my friend’s mental state.
Now, I consider him as a friend and a wonderful professional to look up to should there be any reason to reach out.

Thank you for being there for my friend and for me.
Eternally grateful for your presence and your services.”

~ Shammie from KPG


“Ian’s approach felt really in line with what was needed in my situation. Sober and honest, helpful and insightful,
Ian provided much needed support and insight through his observations while we attempted to recover from a frightening psychosis, entered after abusing psychedelics.
I like the fact Ian is not inherently anti-drug from the get-go but seems to take things on a case by case basis.
He’s a much needed resource on the island.”

~ Dan S


“Ian has recently helped a friend of mine after a heavy, psychedelics-induced psychosis. He was there when it mattered, offering support and guidance as to what were the necessary steps to be taken, both for the individual suffering from the psychosis, and also for us as a group of friends trying to help out.
The process wasn’t easy and got shifted around by unforeseen actions, but Ian was always there and available for us and our friend in need.
He has a kind but on-it attitude, serving the hard truth when it matters, but understands the delicacy of the situation and knows when a hug or simply giving space is all that’s needed. Ultimately, the patient’s best interest is his, too.”

~ Leo


“Ian is compassionate, knowledgeable, and has an extraordinary gift for reaching through to people’s true selves despite the chaos they’re experiencing, and leading them out of their dark times.

Through his work with a friend of mine, I saw firsthand his ability to lead others through challenging times whilst inspiring confidence and real hope. Ian’s work is phenomenal and he is a fantastic human being.”

~ Shay


“Ian Young’s Crisis Management support was truly inspirational.
What was accomplished wouldnt have been possible without his direction and care.
A group of friends and I found ourselves supporting a friend through a pychosis.
Ian advised us the whole way. Ian assessed him and his progress in person multiple times.

There were many times where I didnt know how to go forward and Ian was right there ready to offer words of encouragement and reassurance.
When the time came to make the tough decisions Ian was able to tell us so in a caring, yet direct way that enabled us to move forwards.
I’m incredibly grateful to Ian Young amd would highly recommend him to anyone.

~ Anon