12 Step Fellowships

Below are some of the more popular 12 Step Fellowships for alcohol and drug users, or families of alcohol or drug users.

I’ve included a much more comprehensive list of all the known 12 Step Fellowships in existence in the appendix of my book “It’s Not About Me!”

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Mother Teresa

Case Manage:

Assuming you wish to continue your journey towards recovery, I can remain involved in your treatment by Case managing the components, including other professionals involved, particularly if I’ve referred you to them.
I will remain in contact with all parties involved and offer guidance towards the therapeutic directions, alongside supporting the recovery process with one to one updates from and to yourself.


For those of you who want to work intensely with me in either a Recovery Coaching or Sober Companion capacity, then we will create a bespoke Care plan to fit into your specific requirements. This could be sessional work, typically using Ian Young’s own Sober Coaching Workbook, or it could be intense Sober Companion work which involves a much more hands on approach towards enforcing abstinence.