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Sober Services, Ian YoungSober Services is a results driven, UK based organisation working all over the world, utilising various techniques to help people attain and maintain their recovery from drinking and drugging. We teach and engage people in the possibilities of permanent recovery.

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Sober Coaching: One to one coaching teaching successful recovery from addictions
Sober Interventions: Breaking your loved ones denial and preparing them to accept help
Sober Transportation: Global safe accompaniment to or from rehab / detox
Sober Body-Guiding: Up to 24 hour accompaniment removing dangers of drink or drugs
Treatment Advisory Services: Recommending the most appropriate facility to recover in
Sober Aftercare: Full suite of services to increase your long term chances of recovery

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Sober Services are perhaps best known for their one on one ‘Sober Body-Guide’ model, which uses one experienced Sober Body-Guide to assist the client in becoming alcohol and drug free, sometimes by any means necessary, and often being the physical deterrent between the booze or drugs and the client. We work largely with people in the public eye or ‘high flyers’ and usually incorporate Sober Coaching within the treatment plan.

Sober Services also have an outstanding reputation right across Europe, Africa and Asia for their Sober Interventions – where they utilise the help of the family to confront and  inspire the client to take responsibility for their addiction and accept the help on offer – either through another Sober Service or by checking themselves into a residential facility.

Each programme is designed to suit the clients’ requirements, which allows us the flexibility to make sure they get the precise results that they and their family or colleagues desire.

We prefer to work one on one with the client, so that they get the maximum amount of attention and value from our Sober Services.

As a method of assisted recovery, there is no better model towards enabling someone to have the very best opportunities towards long-term sobriety and a drug free lifestyle, than such an intensive and personal service geared entirely to the client’s specific requirements.

A Short History of Sober Services

“Of course we can do that”

Sober Services began formally operating in December 2008 after I was introduced to an active sober companion professional working within the alcohol and drug treatment industry in Miami, Florida, and other parts of the USA.

By this point I had been working within residential rehabilitation centres for over 8 years and had the experiences of establishing one Centre in 2004 and founding another in 2006. The thrill of watching people recover and the knowledge that I played a part in the process was enough to persuade me that by offering Sober Services within the United Kingdom and the European Union (I speak French) I would be able to offer something fairly unique and original to those seeking a certain level of attention whilst beginning their journey towards recovery. But it was whilst being asked to assist with a film and their leading lady that Sober Services began to actually take shape. It was at this point that I began to use the term “of course we can do that”.

These days, Sober Services have grown significantly operating all over the world and are happy to offer anything from light support right the way through to very intensive accompaniment 24 / 7, and pretty much everything in-between. Basically, we’ve probably been asked it before, and our attitude is always “of course we can do that”.

All of our Sober Interventionists, Sober Transporters, Sober Body-Guides and Sober Coaches are people who have made a choice to dedicate their lives to the well being of other alcoholics and addicts seeking recovery. They have all successfully beaten their own addictions and are fully aware of how to deal with addicts and alcoholics in early recovery. They have been chosen based upon their responsible temperament, positive personalities, knowledge of successful recovery, and their ability to adapt to the client’s environment. They have all been CRB checked and will have passed our stringent process’s of suitability. This means they are completely trustworthy, kind and able to be firm when required.

Yes, of course we can do that!

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” ~ Maria Robinson

“Your actions become your habits. Your habits become your values. Your values become your destiny.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

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