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This is a story that needs to be told. Well, at least I need to tell it.

I’m bound by my commitment to return the favour that the Spirit of the Universe deemed appropriate for me to recover, to then pass it on.

Having successfully recovered from drinking and drugging, part of my mission and commitment to life and society is to give back what the Universe allowed me to receive and to help others achieve the same gifts that life has allowed me, since I’ve been following the right path.

My story is actually about how I grew up and into my addiction, where my obsession for drinking and drugging took me, how my compulsion led me along many dangerous and disturbing adventures, how I finally discovered a way out of the dark and into the light, and what I’ve done with my “extra” time on this Earth. And believe me when I tell you it goes the extra mile – I’ll be revealing some outrageous events and telling some far out yarns, which to many will be too incredible to believe.

I make life reflections along the way and offer solutions that have worked for me which may be applied to other people’s lives, with complementing guidance for those who are looking to add value to their own lives.

So if you’re in a place of hopelessness or you know of someone unable to break their debilitating patterns of behaviour, you could get some significant help and ideas towards recovery from this book, whilst having a good laugh at my expense along the way.

Please remember that although the book has a serious life story, with some horrific moments, I have also shared many of the more heart warming moments and positive experiences which I’ve experienced, and told them with love and laughter.

So if you’ve decided you want to hear more, and you’re serious about improving the quality of your own life, please visit www.soberservices.co.uk

I look forward to connecting with you very soon.

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